I grew up on outer Cape Cod, Massachusetts, the only child of a  single mother. This means I’m responsible, take myself very seriously,  and have known how to cook a three course meal since I was five. My  mother and I have a blog  where we comment on great television (don’t get her started on Baltar  from Battlestar Galactica). It stalled out a little while she was having  technical difficulties, but we’re planning on resuming Breaking Bad  soon.

I have a big affection for kids and volunteer with some phenomenal ones at Camp AmeriKids,  which exists to enhance the lives of youth living with the challenges  of HIV/AIDS and sickle cell disease. I’ve been playing with them since  2012 and often head up the drama program there.

I earned my Equity card doing regional theatre on the east coast  playing a lot of uptight women who gradually allow themselves to cut  loose a bit. I also launched a healthy commercial career back east,  perfecting the art of the snarky but tolerant wife with the slightly  raised eyebrow. I flex my writing muscles on short films.

My hobbies include bird watching (corvids forever), talking people’s ears off about Better Call Saul, and mourning Littlefinger (my mother is so disappointed in me). I’m currently based in Los Angeles and am moving to New York in April 2019.