Hello. Thank you for visiting my site. How are you? I'm happy as a gumdrop.

What’s new? I'm moving! My time in Los Angeles has come to an end. I'm preparing to drive cross-country with my fella, to start our lives together back east. So. Excited.

A few things I have appreciated about LA:

The winter and its rain! I moved here during a major drought and I've celebrated every time it's rained since. Also, my job. I've spent the past four years or so working as a live-in personal assistant to Gena Rowlands and her husband (who sometimes jokingly calls himself "Mr. Rowlands"). We've become our own funny little family - along with the puppy. I'll miss all of them more than I can say. I've been honored to have Gena as an acting mentor, and am beyond grateful for her working with me (more on that to come). 

During my time on the west coast, I've trained with some of the best at Seydways Acting Studio, Margie Haber Studio, Lesly Kahn & Co., Groundlings, UCB, Killian's Commercial Workshop, and have met and worked with a number of wonderful casting professionals through One on One/Next Level. I've been fortunate enough to work with AKA, a stellar agency with great people. 

While I was here, I booked my first national commercial, shot my first lead role in an independent feature, and self-produced my first short film. I got into hiking. I did the Whole30. I attended the Governor's Awards and fell in love with Big Bear during the off-season. I got engaged in Sequoia National Park. I feel pretty good about my time as an actor and a Californian.

In non-acting news, I'm preparing for another summer volunteering at Camp AmeriKids, still studying Croatian and math, still reading the Bible for the first time, and am running my first Tough Mudder next month. I'm also doing maid of honor planning for my sister. I like being busy.

That’s it for now. Please do contact me if you’ve got a project on which you’d like to collaborate; I’m always game to play with inspired people. And to those of you in an LDR: hang in there.

Happy chirp chirp chirp season,